Liposuction or even less invasive fat reduction procedures essentially create a layer of scar tissue between the skin and muscle. Early after a liposuction patients might feel "lumps and bumps" beneath the surface of the skin. Later on it is common to feel tightness in certain areas. This is scar tissue. Endermologie will soften these areas and provide smoother skin. In addition to that, swelling in the operated areas and even in the whole body is very likely. After surgical fat removal, tissue and vessels are broken and a lot of fluid leaks into the tissue. Endermologie will mobilize this fluid (edema), help to squeeze it out and promote even retraction of the skin.

After any type of liposuction Endermologie is a great post-operative treatment for may reasons. Endermologie increases your circulation and lymphatic flow with every treatment so your recovery is much quicker. Another great benefit is the massage itself helps to reduce the possibility of contour irregularities (lumps or bumps) that may occur after liposuction. It is recommended to start treatments 2-3 weeks after liposuction and receive twice weekly treatments. A total of 10-15 treatments might be needed to achieve optimal results and maximize of the outcome after liposuction. Most patients feel and notice a difference almost immediately. Always check with your surgeon for their recommendation first!

Endermologie at LYB

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